Thursday, March 1, 2012

SOL March 1st, 2012

Several weeks ago my Pastor asked me to share my Christian journey at a Wednesday evening service during the Lent season. I'm scheduled for March 21st. So, I'm going to use the daily SOL Challenge to craft my message.

First, over the last couple of weeks I have found myself planning my message in my head all the time. While I'm driving I envision myself sharing my story. I can see myself standing in front of the congregation at the front of the church. I can see the faces of church members who might attend. I can see the glow of the lights reflecting off the stain-glass windows. These planning sessions have served as my rehearsal step which just solidifies how important it is for all writers, young or old, student or teacher, to practice the words they might use. Try it out! How do the words feel?

Second, I have been tossing around many different organizational patterns. I need to blend my personal journey with a Biblical reference and Praise and Worship music which holds a key place in my journey. I attended last night's service and as I listened to the message I had trouble focusing on the words. Why? I was listening to the structure of Bob's message. A writer lives a wide-awake life and looks for mentor authors.

Third, I have been gathering evidence. I have written notes on Post-Its, a dry-cleaning receipt and scrap paper. My form of drafting at the very beginning stages. I have also searched for sample messages on the Internet. Again, the stages of the writing process at work.

So, here is the first draft of my opening paragraph.

A Chinese proverb tells us that "a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step." Sometimes that first step is difficult to take and we're faced with uncertainties. Where is it that I have come from, and where am I going on my journey?

Mary Magdalene's Sunday morning walk to the garden tomb could be consider too short to be called a journey. Yet, that is exactly what it was, a soul-transforming journey. Much like my journey, Mary traveled from darkness to light, from fear to hope, from despair to joy.

To be continued ...


  1. Beautiful! I love the behind the scenes look at your process and the opening you shared.

  2. Lovely connection between your life and the Bible. I'm looking forward to reading more of your thinking and learning about your journey.