Wednesday, March 28, 2012

#28 SOL Post Observations Questions

I made it through my formal evaluation today. Now I have to answer the post observation questions. There are several questions, but I can only muster the energy for one answer tonight.

1. In general, how successful was the lesson? Did the students learn what you intended for them to learn? How do you know?

I feel the lesson was successful. The lesson required higher-order thinking on the part of the students and I feel most students pushed themselves to attempt the task they were given. The students have a very clear understanding of the expectation for learning within their classroom. I believe the students are beginning to understand that concept of synthesizing informational task which is a skill not learned / mastered in one lesson. While conferring with the students I noticed partnerships that needed assistance in forming a big idea about the American Revolution and partnerships that formed a big idea and needed assistance deciding on a text structure to use to present the information. Evidence of student learning can be seen, or not seen, in their notebook entry.

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