Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One Little Word for 2012

It took several days, but I found myself returning to the same word: diligence. I enrolled in Ali Edward's One Little Word Class for 2012. I intend to be diligent in 2012. As the definition reads, I will give the "attention and care expected or required" to all aspects of my life in 2012. I will be attentive and give persistent effort to all tasks. Whew!

I hope to be diligent about...
  • writing more
  • being a wife, daughter, friend, Christian
  • my skin care regiment
  • my housekeeping
  • staying focused
  • being a better listener
  • studying my craft (teaching)
  • RUNNING and training for the 2012 season
  • reducing my shopping habit
  • saving more for retirement
  • communicating
  • using my resources (time, money, energy, talents)
  • cooking dinner
  • using my time wisely
  • reading verse screen time (computer /TV)
With a focus on diligence I hope to rid my life of carelessness, slackness, idleness and laziness. Looking forward to a focused year.