Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The hallways were quiet.  The quietness made me aware of the time.  A quick glance up from my desk confirmed my internal clock.  Yep, time to close up shop for the day.  Where had the day gone?  Gather folders for demonstration lesson tomorrow on essays.  Check.  Toss into bag. Review tomorrow's appointments, close calendar and toss into bag.  Check.  Double check lesson plan book for needed materials.  Locate new chart markers.  Check.  Toss into bag.  Find happiness in new chart markers; stop, think and enjoy life's simple pleasures.  'Come on snap out of it.'  Wonder, 'do I have enough chart paper at home?'  Grab a new chart from the closet just in case.  Toss into bag.  Wait, a chart will not fit into a school bag.  Wonder to myself, 'what do I do with this chart?'  Come on, get on with it!  Hastily toss chart next to school bag.  Look over the stacks on desk while thinking, 'Is there any thing else for tomorrow?'  No, however notice UPS return ticket for a book that needs to go back to Heinemann.  Grab book and wonder how could a book be missing session X and be off for the remainder of the book.  Scratch head.  Toss the book and return label on top of bag to be sure to swing by the office on way out.  Check.  Move to shut down computer.  No, wait one more quick check of the email.  Wait patiently for computer to process.  Glance at chart and think, 'do I really need to take a chart home?'  Focus attention back on the computer screen.  No new email, however notice earlier email from Praise Team director and think, 'I need to add that to my calendar.'  Begin to dig for calendar in bottom of school bag.  Toss out the book and UPS label, toss out the markers.  Find calendar and add Praise Team practice tomorrow 7:30 pm.  Reload bag.  Grab coat, keys and coffee mug and head for the exit.  Get into the car only to realize that I had forgotten to stop by office and drop off book.  Get frustrated by lack of short term memory.   Mentally move task to tomorrow's To Do List and decide to call it a day.

Slice of Life

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The alarm sounds.  Instinctively my body moves to find the snooze.  Just as I drift back to sleep the whining begins.  Its always soft at the beginning as if they don't want to be to forceful. 
Again I begin to drift back to sleep, hoping they'll let me snag just a few more minutes.  No such luck.  Now the whining is serious and continues to grow louder and louder.  They are better than an alarm clock.  After several seconds of whining the short, soft yips begin.  There is no hitting the snooze on this alarm clock.  I admit defeat, force myself out of bed and stagger through the house.  
"Good mornings guys.  Yes, I know its time for breakfast."  They respond with the wag of  their tails.  I open the gate and stumble my way through two dogs to the door.  
Two scoops for the young, energetic whiner.  One heaping scoop for the overweight whiner.  I snap on their collars, pop open the garage door and place their bowls on the porch.  Immediately they begin to devour their breakfast and I catch my first glimpse of the rising sun.  The day has officially begun.