Saturday, March 10, 2012

#10 SOL Caring for Vanna

I spent the day convalescing with my sweet Vanna. She continues to recover from her tumor removal surgery on Friday morning.

I noticed three similarities about her and I over the last 24 hours. First, both of us like to be home when we don't feel like ourselves. Who doesn't want to be in their own place, with their own bedding and their own comforts? Upon our home Friday afternoon, she went immediately to her favorite place next to my work space and settled in for a much needed quick nap. I always sleep best in my own bed.

We are both sensitive to pain drugs. It takes just a tad for both of us to stager, sway and stumble. They make both of us loopy.

Lastly, both of us have to be coxed to eat. Even our favorite foods lose their appeal. Nothing sounds good, looks good or smells good. It takes a persistent person in our lives to remind us that we have to eat to feel better.

So thankful for the occasional wag of her tail. It's her way of communicating that she doesn't hate me for putting her through hell.

(Vanna with her pal Tracer several years ago in the flower garden.)


  1. Bless sweet Vanna. I'm glad she's home with you recovering. We just found a tumor on my Emma dog and are waiting to see what to do about it. Dogs make the world go 'round, huh?

  2. Oh yeah, I meant to say how much I liked your comparison of yourself to Vanna. That's an unusual take that was fun to read, even if you both had to be loopy at some point to realize it. ;)

  3. What a beautiful correlation. I especially liked the part about sleeping in her favorite bed spot.